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Finding Your Way | Caregiver Posters | Community Education Kit
ECHO Nursing Facility Recommendations |Visable Fairness Report

A 13-page booklet to guide individuals and their families through the processes of planning before serious illness occurs, as well as when facing end-of-life decisions.


This series of four 11 x 17 posters draws attention to the importance of having early end-of-life conversations, completing advance directives, seeking good pain management and understanding palliative care. Available in English and Spanish, the colorful posters target caregivers and are being distributed in community and healthcare settings.

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The Community Education Kit includes:

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(published January 2000)

ECHO Nursing Facility Recommedations is a 28-page document produced by a 22-member statewide task force whose purpose is to improve end-of-life care for residents of California's Skilled Nursing Facilities. These recommendations specify the responsibilities of SNF administration, physicians, staff and others in implementing processes and practices that improve end-of-life care.

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Final Report available: Cost-Effectiveness as a Criterion for Medical and Coverage Decisions: Understanding and Responding to Community Perspectives.

A single copy of this 32-page report will be mailed on request by contacting [email protected] or calling (916) 851-2828. For multiple copies, there is a $2.00 per copy charge for shipping/handling. SHD will invoice, if requested. The report includes the surveys and discussion tools described below, as well as the stakeholder-specific strategies recommended by the project leaders.

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