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Just Coverage

July 2007 release
Designing Coverage: Uninsured Californians Weigh the Options

As a supplement to its Just Coverage project on basic health care (see description below), SHD sought to better understand the coverage priorities of uninsured Californians.

With funding from the California HealthCare Foundation, this spring SHD conducted 11 focus groups with 121 uninsured individuals in six regions of California. The issue brief summarizing the findings and policy implications is available on the CHCF website.

Capitol briefing held for policy leaders

On July 20 the California HealthCare Foundation sponsored a briefing on the results and policy implications of the findings from Designing Coverage: Uninsured Californians Weigh the Options. SHD Director Marge Ginsburg presented some of the key results and policy implications to the nearly 40 legislative and government staff, healthcare industry leaders and consumer representatives in attendance. This briefing provided policymakers with new insight on the values and priorities held by those who are likely to be directly affected by coverage expansion proposals under discussion at the Capitol.

To view the webcast of the briefing presentation on CHCF's CalHealthReform web page, click here.

November 2006
Just Coverage project report available

When policy makers talk of expanding healthcare coverage to the uninsured, they often refer to "basic" coverage, but they rarely define what it means. SHD's flagship project in 2005-06 was Just Coverage, an intensive effort to identify what the public regards as basic, i.e., the minimum coverage that everyone should have. The final report is available electronically: Just Coverage - Citizens define the limits of "basic" healthcare. If you would like one or more print copies mailed to you, contact SHD.

Project results show:

  • What healthcare needs should be met by insurance coverage and why
  • How essential coverage is distinguished from non-essential
  • How groups balance the elements of cost-sharing, provider restrictions and coverage limitations
  • Whether consumers can develop a basic plan that they believe is acceptable

This project was funded through a grant from the California HealthCare Foundation.

November 2006
National health policy journal publishes results of Just Coverage

In its Nov-Dec 2006 issue, Health Affairs published an article written by SHD Executive Director Marge Ginsburg, with co-authors Drs. Susan Goold and Marion Danis. "(De)constructing 'Basic' Benefits: Citizens Define the Limits of Coverage," describes the key findings of Just Coverage (Health Affairs 25, no. 6, 2006, 1648-1655).

If you would like to have the article mailed to you, contact SHD.

Process of Defining Basic Health Care

Using the computer simulation program called CHAT, SHD facilitated 71 group sessions with 798 participants through community organizations, workplace settings, college classes and congregations. This unique version of CHAT focuses on examining a variety of healthcare needs (see graphic below), and allowing participants to set priorities on the relative importance of these needs. For more information about using the CHAT computer process, contact SHD.

BasicCHAT chart

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