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Designing Coverage
Uninsured Californians Weigh the Options

Developing health coverage with a limited budget, uninsured Californians convey their coverage priorities and trade-offs.

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Just Coverage
Citizens define the limits of "basic" coverage

Northern Californians construct a lower-cost health plan for the uninsured, identifying key aspects of minimum coverage.

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Getting Good Value
Consumers debate costly treatments - is the gain worth the expense?

Consumers judge when it is appropriate to deny coverage if the expense of treatment greatly exceeds the benefit.

Making Tough Choices
Adults with disabilities prioritize their Medi-Cal coverage options

MediCal beneficiaries convey their views and priorities about Medi-Cal coverage in the face of budget cuts.

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When Options Exceed Resources
Making trade-offs in healthcare benefits

Public and private sector employees weigh in on their healthcare coverage -- and find ways to compromise.

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Visible Fairness
Cost-effectiveness as a criterion for medical and coverage decisions

Physicians and consumers have different views on medical treatment that offers small benefits at high costs.

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